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About the show 

Terrified of Twenty-Five, a Broadway-style musical is a show that will capture your fears about growing up, change, comparison, marriage, stagnancy, failed hopes and dreams, and hopefully make you laugh, cry and groove as you come to a sense of peace by the end of the show.

Jhansi interviewed more than 100 people of all ages before starting to write this show, in order to see whether we all feel the same way, despite our differences. She took terrified of 25 on Road this year with three sold-out shows in Kolkata and Mumbai.

"l watched this show yesterday and loved it. The most striking thing is that the struggles she spoke of, I have faced them all and she has encapsulated them so well in an entertaining script."

Tushar Bhala

It's one of the best shows that i have watched in a long time... she brought out the fine nuances in a very realistic and cynical way. The best part into a is it not centric to a particular gender.

Nupur Sultania

"This show touches every nerve of your body and you get goosebumps. There's not a single person who will not relate to it. There were tears in my eyes and I laughed, it was a package of emotions."

Simone Woods

Next Phase of Tour Starts April 2023

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