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About Jhansi

Writer - Singer - Comedian

Jhansi tells Indian stories through the western format of Broadway Musicals.


Jhansi is a Broadway-Style performer, Lyricist, and Composer. Inspired by Rachel Bloom & Lin Manuel Miranda, she tells Indian Stories through her art form. She makes her audience go through a range of emotions from unexpected laughter to abrupt tears. Her candid performances focus on the stirring themes of youth, marriage, women’s equality, aspirations, anxiety, desperation, and hope, something that the masses can relate to in their own lives. It is very easy for her audiences to see their own stories reflected through her, and as a result, being versatile and relatable are some of her strong suits reflected in each of her creations. Drawing inspiration from people's lives, she holds a mirror to the world and evokes reflection through her art!

She was the First Indian to be accepted into BA in Musical Theatre performance at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. She was also a part of Queens of Comedy which was aired on TLC, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. She performed in one of India’s biggest Broadway shows - Aladdin as Iago. She has put together a couple of Original Musical Theatre pieces including "Don't Eat My Face Pizza" and "Terrified of Twenty-Five”. Along with all of these achievements she has also been invited to be a part of BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop in NYC as a lyricist.

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